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Success factor innovation

The development and introduction of innovative recipes and products is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers of processed cheese and Cheese alternatives. In order to exploit the full potential offered by the success factor innovation, modern and flexible machinery is required, along with a high level of technological know-how. This is the basis for a real competitive advantage and a successful product launch.

As a medium-sized mechanical engineering company, we place the highest demands on the quality and reliability of our machines. The successful high-tech strategy based on qualified specialist and engineering work, high research and development efforts and the domestic value chain is the foundation of our premium systems.

Our new KS Innovation Center for cheese and delicatessen technology offers us the opportunity to examine and optimize existing processes in partnership with our customers. It is also an excellent platform for new product development.

The past years have shown us the importance of networking mechanical engineering competence and technological expertise in today’s global market situation. To master the transition to the digitalised economy.

We can provide our customers with new answers and are well prepared for the future markets.

Added value by high-tech automation

The KS Innovation Center in Wangen offers state-of-the-art technology for development, research and training.  A complete machine park for the entire process chain is available – in modular design and with a high degree of automation. Equipped with Process Automat and Mixer as well as a process line, consisting of Silo, Heating Unit UHT and Creaming Tank.

Both cold and hot processes with pasteurisation or sterilisation can be carried out – using high shear and low shear techniques.

The machines are equipped with numerous features for the greatest possible flexibility in the process. For example, direct and indirect heating or cooling, vacuum equipment, circulation and emulsifying systems with control of all shearing forces, CIP cleaning, etc.

This enables the manufacture of a large range of products with a defined degree of fineness, as well as the gentle introduction of chunky recipe components.

All process sequences are easy to control and reproducible via KS Automation. The data is stored with the KS Report Manager.

The technological know-how through decades of experience in all areas of food production is decisive responsible for the comprehensive recipe and process development.

The technical and technological expertise at the KS Innovation Center offers an unlimited variety of processes and recipes – from block cheese to dips, creams, sauces, recombined processed cheese preparations and vegan alternatives – everything is possible.

The benefits for our customers are obvious

You produce high-quality food – we support you along the entire process chain and work together with you on tailor-made solutions.

We offer you the development of new products or the optimization of the existing product range, as well as the production of samples on a pilot scale. The machine park in the development center enables a reliable scale-up of process parameters and plant design for subsequent industrial production.

The chemical/physical and microbiological validation of the products manufactured on the pilot plants can be carried out on site at any time.

In addition, we offer project-related research in partnership with our cooperation partners.

Training courses and seminars on the entire subject area are offered on a regular basis.

In short: we offer you innovation!


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KS Automatic Grinder

The right solution for every application

KS Automatic Grinders process a wide variety of raw materials in the temperature range down to -25 ° C. Of course, whole blocks can also be minced in one continuous process. Furthermore, the optimised interior geometry guarantees complete emptying of the hopper.

With the temperature-regulated speed control TDS, KARL SCHNELL has added another useful feature to its automatic grinder series.

TDS ensures maximum output and constant production, regardless of the consistency and temperature of the raw materials supplied.

Hole plate sizes from 130 – 280 mm diameter are standard. The special knife configuration works effectively and with low wear. For maximum throughput, KS also offers unique hole plates for optimised cutting. And separating devices for sorting out unwanted components. The result is a fine and high quality standardisation material, which allows efficient and fast mixing with powder additions.

The use of standardised, pre-minced material in the subsequent process steps not only shortens the pre-mixing phase. A more effective and energy-efficient overall process is achieved, too.

Drives adapted to the cutting set diameter result in economical energy consumption and process reliability. Overload protection devices prevent defects on the machines, even under extreme loads. The rugged design is up to the heavy operation in practice. Low-noise drives with toothed belts reduce noise pollution and thus contribute to a pleasant working environment.

A complete program is available to the industry for a wide variety of capacity requirements. The range extends from large industrial grinders for use in continuous process lines to smaller machines for special applications and the craft. There are versions with right-angled and linear cutting housing.

KS Automatic Grinders, in combination with connected KS Machinery, are ideally suited for the production of a wide variety of tasty and innovative foods.

Regionally rooted, globally positioned

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new production hall at the Creglingen site

Creglingen « It makes us proud that a company like KARL SCHNELL is expanding in such times of crisis, » said Creglingen’s mayor, Uwe Hehn, beaming at the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for a new production hall in the industrial park. This is a positive signal even in difficult times, he said. The long-established machine manufacturer is currently expanding the production area in the existing assembly hall. Completion is still this year.

KARL SCHNELL is a global player. The export share of the highly automated systems used in the production of food is around 85 percent.

The Creglingen operations manager Philipp Schnell, son of owner and managing director Dr. Ernst Otto Schnell, initially thanked the city of Creglingen for their excellent support in the preliminary planning. He said he was happy that with the ground-breaking ceremony « the knot has been tied and things can get started ». Another production hall with a size of around 90 by 30 meters and thus an area of around 2800 square meters will be built.

With the completion of the new hall, the permanent staff of around 200 employees will increase by a further 40 skilled workers. There can be no talk of declines in sales as a result of the Corona crisis at KS – on the contrary, we are truly being overrun, according to the fitter’s assembly foreman, Fabian von Schenk. Since it is almost all about highly automated individual systems, skilled workers are of course also needed for the newly created jobs, primarily welders and fitters.

The concluding wish of all was to see each other again in good health at the inauguration of the multi-million project in November 2021.

Efficient conveyor technology in hygienic design

Highly hygienic conveyor belts for universal use in the food sector!

Conveyor belts from KARL SCHNELL combine hygienic design and maximum stability with a variety of attachments and options.

Basically we support the optimisation of the production processes, whereby the material flow plays an important role. Our conveyor lines are the basis for an efficient and therefore economical processing line. They ensure automation in the transport of raw materials to the individual machines and their loading. We adapt the conveyor lines individually to the wishes of our customers. Conveying capacities of up to 50 t / h can be realised. Additional options are often desired, for example belts with weighing systems for raw material standardisation or the transport via metal detectors.

We only use frictionally engaged belts with roller drive. This means that even gradients of 2 to 45 degrees are possible in the systems. A stable tensile member made of polyester and aramid is advantageous here, as this ensures a long service life and high dimensional stability even with heavy loads.

Particularly in conveying processes, the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene must be observed. Conveyor belts have a decisive influence here. Because they have direct contact with the goods, must deliver for further processing with pinpoint accuracy and must be robust against mechanical and chemical stress.

Our conveyor belts usually have a TPU-coated monolithic belt. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is very often used as a coil coating material in food processing, as it can be used without problems even at very low temperatures, has a very good abrasion resistance and is also resistant to vegetable and animal fats and oils. It is also advantageous for cleaning purposes, as the belts have an absolutely smooth surface without porous spots and a uniform belt thickness. In addition, antimicrobial additives in the belts prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms on the belt surface.

The adhesive properties are also very important, because when transporting very sticky products, it must be ensured that they can be removed from the belt without problems.

In addition, the temperature challenges are enormous for the belts; the spectrum ranges from frozen goods at -18 degrees Celsius to processed cheese at 85 degrees.

With these belt types, we have implemented conveyor lines that transport blocks of cheese weighing 25 kg around 100 m.

Or belts for charging raw materials that have a buffer capacity of up to 1000 kg and then have to transport the product further. 

The requirements of our customers and the pursuit of solutions are at the centre of the plant design. This is made possible by our broad production programme, which includes a complete range of products.

We offer our customers not only technical, but also technological support.

Corona-Virus – De nombreux nouveaux défis

Chers clients et partenaires commerciaux :

La propagation du Corona-virus (COVID-19) est un tout nouveau défi pour nous tous. Nous sommes convaincus qu’avec vous, nous pourrons très bientôt surmonter cette situation.

Les conditions préalables les plus importantes sont le calme et la prévenance.

Pour KS, la santé de ses employés et de ses partenaires commerciaux est une priorité absolue.

Veuillez comprendre qu’à l’heure actuelle, les visiteurs ne sont pas autorisés dans nos locaux de Winterbach, Creglingen et Creglingen-Münster.

Vos interlocuteurs du service de vente des machines, des pièces détachées, de la planification des projets et du service après-vente sont disponibles comme d’habitude – que ce soit dans nos bureaux, à la maison, par téléphone, par courriel ou par skype.

Nous sommes à votre disposition pour toutes vos questions.

Pour l’instant, il n’y a pas de retard de livraison dû à nos arrangements préalables concernant d’éventuelles interférences de la chaîne d’approvisionnement.

Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance – et prenez soin de vous !

The Mixing Center – core of the automated production line

The merge resp. the composition of the various raw materials to a homogeneous mass ready for the further processing has always been the central point in the meat production, where the better differs from the good.

Not only the pure mixing of weight proportions of the individual components is required, it also depends to a high extent on the exact moment of the addition of components.

However the point of time when meat, water, admixtures, spices etc. are added is important. Also the tool which is used for mixing, its technical possibilities and its controllability does matter.

KARL SCHNELL mixers are production centres that leave nothing to be desired. Neither in regard of the batch size – between 100 l and more than 7000 l anything is representable – nor in terms of an exact recipe control.

For research and product development KS also has a 30 l mixer in the program, equipped with all features, that the “big ones” also have to offer.

The KS mixers are basically equipped with two drives, that can be separately controlled depending on the mixer versions. Together with a variety of equipment options this turns them into real marvels of modern mixing technology.

Controlled by the core of the mixer, its PLC control, components based on the recipe are called. Liquid and powder components are added, the latter e.g. via vacuum suction. Temperatures are monitored and if necessary adjusted by heating or cooling equipment. And, by the way, also the mixing movements of the mixing shafts are set precisely to the product and the respective mixing step.

In particular, in the modern production this should work not only exactly in a single batch. One batch must be like the other.
The reproducibility must be ensured. And this is true regardless of whether a batch has a size of 100 l or 7000 l.

In this context great attention will have to be paid to the production step which follows the mixing process. 
How is the mixer connected with the following production units?
In a continuous production flow, this is normally done via a feed hopper with its volume adapted to the mixer size in which the mixer discharges. From there e.g. high shear products are fed to a high-performance emulsifier; raw sausage and burger products to a KS Vacuum Filler with Grinder Head.

But there is also the possibility to place the emulsifier directly underneath the outlet housing, or feeding it with a mixer integrated discharge screw.

KARL SCHNELL receives silver certificate for corporate responsibility

For his commitment to sustainability, KARL SCHNELL has been awarded the silver medal by the renowned CSR evaluation platform EcoVadis. The term CSR refers to topics related to sustainable development that are used in business. It describes the responsibility of an organization for the consequences of its decisions and its business activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behavior. Sustainability drives innovation and growth, motivates our employees and is a key factor in working with our partners. The certification confirms our dynamic and future-oriented corporate strategy. The EcoVadis rating covers a wide range of non-financial management systems, including the impact of the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Each company is rated for topics relevant to its size, location and industry. Every year, around 50,000 companies from 190 sectors in 150 countries are recorded and evaluated.