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KS Automatic Grinder

The right solution for every application

KS Automatic Grinders process a wide variety of raw materials in the temperature range down to -25 ° C. Of course, whole blocks can also be minced in one continuous process. Furthermore, the optimised interior geometry guarantees complete emptying of the hopper.

With the temperature-regulated speed control TDS, KARL SCHNELL has added another useful feature to its automatic grinder series.

TDS ensures maximum output and constant production, regardless of the consistency and temperature of the raw materials supplied.

Hole plate sizes from 130 – 280 mm diameter are standard. The special knife configuration works effectively and with low wear. For maximum throughput, KS also offers unique hole plates for optimised cutting. And separating devices for sorting out unwanted components. The result is a fine and high quality standardisation material, which allows efficient and fast mixing with powder additions.

The use of standardised, pre-minced material in the subsequent process steps not only shortens the pre-mixing phase. A more effective and energy-efficient overall process is achieved, too.

Drives adapted to the cutting set diameter result in economical energy consumption and process reliability. Overload protection devices prevent defects on the machines, even under extreme loads. The rugged design is up to the heavy operation in practice. Low-noise drives with toothed belts reduce noise pollution and thus contribute to a pleasant working environment.

A complete program is available to the industry for a wide variety of capacity requirements. The range extends from large industrial grinders for use in continuous process lines to smaller machines for special applications and the craft. There are versions with right-angled and linear cutting housing.

KS Automatic Grinders, in combination with connected KS Machinery, are ideally suited for the production of a wide variety of tasty and innovative foods.