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Simplify your process steps!​


Simplify your process steps!

The all-in-one solution

State-of-the-art process technology and customer-specific solutions are the basis for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.The innovative KS Process Automat FV combines the stages of „pre-cutting“, „mixing“, „emulsifying“ and „homogenising“ under vacuum with thermal processes in one machine.

Field of application

Processed cheese, cream cheese, delicatessen, baby food, surimi, pâté, cooked sausage, mayonnaise, dressing and sauce.


The vertical process vessel is equipped with a pre-cutting motor with knives. This allows for fast processing of powders or oil into a water base.

The process vessel cover carries an agitator, which scrapes the vessel sides. The conical process vessel with slide is connected to a product pump, used for product circulation and discharge.

In circulation mode, the product is pumped through the proven KS Emulsifier, where it is fine-cut, emulsified, homogenised and either returned to the process vessel or discharged.

Chunky products are discharged via a bypass around the emulsifier. 

Thermal processes are carried out indirectly via the double jacket and/or by steam injection nozzles. Raw material input is via the lifting system with trolleys, vacuum suction, or dosage pumps.

The KS Process Automat FV has the following advantages:

– Compact, ergonomic design and therefore space-saving

– Excellent price-performance ratio

– Purely homogenous and homogenous products with coarse ingredients can be processed in one machine

– Huge diversity for conveniencefood production

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