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Partner to the food industry

Partner to the food Industry

For more than 70 years the name KARL SCHNELL has become an international term in the food industry. It represents a machinery construction company which combines perfected technology with constant innovation. By consistent application of this concept, we have become a leader in the field.

Nowadays the key business activities of KS are seen in the development and production of machines and lines for the industrial processing of meat, petfood, delicatessen and processed cheese.

KS offers a wide range of food processing machinery to the market, which encompasses a diversity of systems. From individual machines to complete production lines. From intake of raw materials to portioning. Including the necessary planning and implementation, the installation and setting up, plus operator training for our customers.

This extensive brief is achieved by the co-operation of over 300 employees with technical know-how and commitment, in both production premises in Germany – Winterbach and Creglingen – as well as in our subsidiaries in France, USA and Russia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a medium-sized family business, we feel responsible for making our contribution to sustainable business. That is why we implement our own guidelines and principles on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at our locations. This includes topics such as the environment, sustainability as well as human and labour rights.

Social fairness – environmental and economic sustainability

We pay attention to fair business practices, we pursue an employee-oriented human resources policy, we use natural resources sparingly to protect the climate and the environment, we also take responsibility in the supply chain and expect the same in the commitment of our employees on site.

Issues such as occupational safety and health, but also environmentally friendly energy use and fair raw material procurement are of particular concern to us. This is regularly measured and monitored against our guidelines, in line with our industry and the size of our company.

Further expansion
70 successful years of KARL SCHNELL – and more to come…
Expansion of the manufacturing sites with inauguration in 2018. Foundation of the subsidiary KS RUS in Moscow and continuously expansion of the production and metall-cutting manufacturing to fulfil the demands of our customers.
The third generation
The next generation follows…
Step-by-step contribution of Caroline, Katharina and Philipp Schnell. Development and patent registration of new safety features for our Vacuum Fillers as well as the new RotaPlate cutting system for our emulsifiers.
The 90s and 2000s
New business areas
Development of the UHT-System to pasteurize and sterilize of viscous products. Installation of the first fully automatic production line for processed cheese. Development of the KS Process Automats type FV and B25. Also further improvment of the emulsifiers with the first 3stage cutting system and automatic knife adjustment. Dr. Ernst-Otto Schnell becomes the sole owner and general manager of the company.
The 90s and 2000s
The 70s and 80s
Plant engineering
The first KS Petfood Line was installed and the first Combi Grinder was built to grind simultaneously fresh and frozen meat. Installation of the first fully automatic turn-key processing line for sausages. Dr. Ernst-Otto Schnell becomes part of the general management of the company besides his father Karl and his mother Margarete.
The 70s and 80s
The 60s
Development of the of the horizontal emulsifier known as the “low-boy” or “Mince Master”. Our second plants opens in Creglingen and the first automatic processors for boiled sausages and paté were developed together with the Vacuum Filler.
The 60s
The 50s
1948 The engineer Karl Schnell founded the company in Winterbach near Stuttgart. The first machine built was a vertical universal mincer, known as the ‘Muser’. Soon our emulsifiers became the standard mincing machinery for most butcher shops.
The 50s

Main locations

Mühlstraße 30
73650 Winterbach

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Industriestraße 60
97993 Creglingen

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KS K.SCHNELL  S A R L   France
Zone Industrielle B.P. 20034
67441 Marmoutier

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New London, WI 54961

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Strada Transilvaniei 12
Baciu 400000, jud.Cluj

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RU-115230 Moscow

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