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Meat & Sausages

Optimised production by coordinated production processes!

Highly flexible production lines…
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Understanding what`s important

The food market is undergoing a constant change worldwide and is shaped more and more by the partially fast changing demands of the consumers.

For the manufacturer it means on the one hand there is a need for a variety of products, sometimes with small batches, short trade- and marketing-dependent response times and, on the other hand, the need for low-cost products in large quantities.

All of that with guaranteed, consistent quality.

Flexibility, process reliability and cost security during food processing are required here.

A reliable, efficient machine fleet, customised to the individual needs and individual capabilities, is the most important thing for the success.

For this type of production lines, KARL SCHNELL is the ideal partner in the food processing industry, since almost all components come from a single source and therefore match perfectly.

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