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Process Automat FC-Series

Uncompromising flexibility for many applications!​

Process Automat

Uncompromising flexibility for many applications!

Optimal efficiency and maximum flexibility

The innovative further development of the multi-functional processing equipment handles easily also the most difficult cutting, mixing and emulsification processes with clearly shortened batch times and significantly lowered time and energy requirements.

The wide application range covers the processing of almost all pasty and viscous masses.

Therefore it is the economic solution for food production in many different fields.

Pâtes, soups, sauces and baby food can be processed, just as a broad palette of cheese products.

The KS Process Automat FC can be adapted perfectly to all customer requirements due to the modular structure and the large number of product-specific mixing and cutting tools.

Liquids and dry goods are easily processed in one single operation without preceding grinding, emulsifying or premixing the raw material; also the manufacturing of fine emulsion with coarse ingredients without additional mixer or second machine.

Agitators with special agitating elements provide for optimum mixing and a minimum of mechanical stress to the emulsion. Additionally flavour preserving processing is achieved by short batch times and low product retention times.

The consequent orientation to modern hygienic standards includes the pump-free complete discharge of the bin, even with high-viscosity products, and uncomplicated CIP cleanability.

Short cleaning cycles, low maintenance effort, low energy consumption and high service life are further advantages.

Data backup of all CCP parameters directly on the machine control ensures quality and product safety.

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