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The high performance filling solution!

P9 / P10 / P11 SE

The high performance filling solution!

Portioning accuracy. Gentle on the product. Service friendly.

Vacuum filling machines from KARL SCHNELL combine state-of-the-art process technology with technological competence. They set themselves apart due to highest portioning accuracy, best evacuation and maximum filling performance.The intelligent machine concept includes both the networking of filling machine and attachment as well as the networking of superordinate IT components.

The new P9 / P10 series vacuum fillers are the basic machines for many applications. Universally suitable for the cost-efficient industrial production. The main application area is the dosing and filling of all types of low to high viscous masses. The most common applications are portioning of minced meat as well as the filling of raw, cooked and boiled sausage into casings. All common attachments can be adjusted.

KS Vacuum Fillers of the P11 series are predestined for applications that require continuous enormous performance at the same time as product-gentle feeding. For example large-caliber slicing products, highly viscous dough masses and extremely cold raw sausage products.

The unique KS Pump System offers portioning accuracy, first-class product quality and highest productivity. Ergonomic design combined with state-of-the-art control technology guarantees ease of operation and efficiency.

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