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F-Series Emulsifier

The classic solution - economic and reliable!

Quality has a name

The F-Series cutting system is the classical solution for many product applications.

The Knife-Hole Plate-Design offers a plenitude of benefits and possibilities. It is characterized by a precise fibre transection, minimal abrasion and thermal impact as well as high endurance. Other advantages are its high flexibility and economical design.

The KS Cutting System consists of a knife head with replaceable insert blades which rotates with the motor shaft. And a replaceable hole plate, mounted in the cutting housing.

The KS Cutting System is simple to use and easy to set up.

Handwheel equipped machines also allow the adjustment during the grinding process. The axial adjustment of the space between knife head and hole plate obtains the control over output, temperature and consistency of the product, which results in a constant quality level of the end product.

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