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Emulsifier F150 / F150L F200 / F200L

The Butcher's choice!

F150 / F150 L
F200 / F200 L

The Butcher´s choice!

The classic Butcher tool

Absolutely homogenous and reproduceable emulsification in conjunction with minimal investment and running costs.

KS emulsifiers make effective use of the required optimisation possibilities and therefore constitute a very inter­esting and most of all cost-effective solution­.

Using the F-Series emulsifier for the production of the emulsion will drastically reduce the process time and the energy consumption. 

Energy-saving potentials of 20 % – 30 % can easily be achieved.

The uniquely designed cutting system is key to the performance of the KS F-series emulsifiers.

The wide variations and different configurations make them the ideal choice for many applications.

The main advantages are:

▪  Reproducable and consistent emulsification

▪  Significant reduction in time

▪  Minimum temperature rise

▪  Finest emulsions

▪  Greatly reduced energy costs

▪  Mobile, movable, can be easily positioned

▪  Minimum investment and operating costs

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