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Emulsifier F86 / F320

Classic machinery for all purposes!

F86 / F320

Classic machinery for all purposes!

Durable and efficient

Emulsifier F86

The Tabletop Emulsifier is specially designed for the processing of smaller product quantities which occur for example in handicraft enterprises, canteen kitchen, laboratories or supermarkets.

Applications include the processing of meat and also the processing of cheese, vegetables, fruits, sweets and products of the chemical industry.

Emulsifier F320

The choice of the professionals! From pre-cutting to fine-emulsification. They have a solid construction, are simple to use and extremely durable.

They are exceptionally solid built. In connection with a KS Breaker they can be used for comminuting bones, chicken carcasses or frozen material.

Applications include processing not only of meat, but also cheese, vegetables, fruits, confectionery, products of the chemical industry up to products for the production of pet food.

These handwheel equipped machines also allow the adjustment during the grinding process. The axial adjustment of the space between knife head and hole plate obtains the control over output, temperature and consistency of the product, which results in a constant quality level of the end product.

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