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Emulsifier FD DK / DKV

Reliable and powerful!

Emulsifier FD

Reliable and powerful!

Versatile high-performance machinery

The powerful KS emulsifiers of the series FD DK/DKV with coupling are designed for use in continuous working process lines.

Its solid construction combines high continuous output, long lifetime and simple operation. Thus they fulfill all prerequisites for an efficient, quality oriented use in the production.

As part of a production line the KS emulsifiers are equipped with a PLC process control.

The machines are stationary or optionally mobile.

Depending on the range of application they are used with different types of equipment, particularly for emulsifying:

– of high viscous products

– of sensitive products

– of products which call for a specific demand to the feeding

– of products with temperatures within the minus range

The preferred application range of the KS Vaccum Emulsifier FD DKV is the processing of fine emulsions with the focus on airless production.

By evacuating the emulsion before the emulsifying stage, a denser, finer emulsion is achieved, resulting in improved filling performance and longer shelf life.

Particularly in connection with an automatic knife readjustment AMN and the new RotaPlate cutting system almost every end product can be emulsified.

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