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Process Automat B-Series

The economic process solution!​​

Process Automat

The economic process solution!​

Unique machinery for liquid food processes!

Main application field of the B-Series Process Automats is the production of low to middle viscous emulsions and suspensions.
Typical applications are the production of

□ Soup, sauce and gravy,
□ Ketchup aund mayonnaise,
□ Fish farce,
□ lnjection brine,
□ Pate and tureen, as well as the reconditioning of rework,
□ the preparation of process materials, such as additives and spices for the sausage-, petfood- and processed cheese production


The emulsifying is done through a separate cutting system.
The cutting system consists of a knife head, which rotates with the motor shaft, and an interchangeable hole plate, which is fixed in the cutting housing.
The hole size in the hole plate determines the quality of emulsifying.

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