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Success factor innovation

The development and introduction of innovative recipes and products is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers of processed cheese and Cheese alternatives. In order to exploit the full potential offered by the success factor innovation, modern and flexible machinery is required, along with a high level of technological know-how. This is the basis for a real competitive advantage and a successful product launch.

As a medium-sized mechanical engineering company, we place the highest demands on the quality and reliability of our machines. The successful high-tech strategy based on qualified specialist and engineering work, high research and development efforts and the domestic value chain is the foundation of our premium systems.

Our new KS Innovation Center for cheese and delicatessen technology offers us the opportunity to examine and optimize existing processes in partnership with our customers. It is also an excellent platform for new product development.

The past years have shown us the importance of networking mechanical engineering competence and technological expertise in today’s global market situation. To master the transition to the digitalised economy.

We can provide our customers with new answers and are well prepared for the future markets.

Added value by high-tech automation

The KS Innovation Center in Wangen offers state-of-the-art technology for development, research and training.  A complete machine park for the entire process chain is available – in modular design and with a high degree of automation. Equipped with Process Automat and Mixer as well as a process line, consisting of Silo, Heating Unit UHT and Creaming Tank.

Both cold and hot processes with pasteurisation or sterilisation can be carried out – using high shear and low shear techniques.

The machines are equipped with numerous features for the greatest possible flexibility in the process. For example, direct and indirect heating or cooling, vacuum equipment, circulation and emulsifying systems with control of all shearing forces, CIP cleaning, etc.

This enables the manufacture of a large range of products with a defined degree of fineness, as well as the gentle introduction of chunky recipe components.

All process sequences are easy to control and reproducible via KS Automation. The data is stored with the KS Report Manager.

The technological know-how through decades of experience in all areas of food production is decisive responsible for the comprehensive recipe and process development.

The technical and technological expertise at the KS Innovation Center offers an unlimited variety of processes and recipes – from block cheese to dips, creams, sauces, recombined processed cheese preparations and vegan alternatives – everything is possible.

The benefits for our customers are obvious

You produce high-quality food – we support you along the entire process chain and work together with you on tailor-made solutions.

We offer you the development of new products or the optimization of the existing product range, as well as the production of samples on a pilot scale. The machine park in the development center enables a reliable scale-up of process parameters and plant design for subsequent industrial production.

The chemical/physical and microbiological validation of the products manufactured on the pilot plants can be carried out on site at any time.

In addition, we offer project-related research in partnership with our cooperation partners.

Training courses and seminars on the entire subject area are offered on a regular basis.

In short: we offer you innovation!