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Mixer Programm

Mixing technology at the highest level!

Mixer Program

Mixing technology at the highest level!

Latest process technology and technological know-how

Since more than four decades KS mixers are built for the food industry. Due to the continuous interchange of know-how and the close cooperation with our partners worldwide we have achieved today a unique technological competence that is also the basis of our wide range of products.

A sophisticated modular system with high-performance components offers flexibility and quality.

Standard mixer sizes from 30 to 6000 liters are available.

Layout, design and construction of KS mixers are application-oriented and individual.

State-of-the-art calculation methods and a solid construction guarantee operational safety and longevity of the machines.

Depending on the product to be processed KS mixers are equipped with the according mixing tool and drive for intensely and product gentle mixing.

At KARL SCHNELL special emphasis is placed – besides on the stability of the system – also on the strict compliance with hygienic standards and mixing accuracy. This is absolutely necessary for the use in modern production plants and offers, especially during the cleaning after a product change, a maximum efficiency with minimum product wastage.

The control is carried out via PLC directly at the mixer and can be integrated without problems into a complete system control. Electrical cabinets in hygienic design is the standard for KS machines and secure a fail-safe production, also in wet areas. A user-friendly and self-explanatory operating interface allows the operator to program all mixing parameters like temperature, mixing time and mixing interval. Due to this up to 100 different mixing programs can be filed for most different processes. 

A wide variety of special options is available and can be combined with each other unrestricted.

Vacuum systems evacuate the air from the product. Weighing systems guarantee an exact batch measuring and provide a further quality parameter to the customer for safety production and traceability.

Direct and indirect heating and cooling systems secure an accurate temperature. Especially designed injectors reduce the consumption of the used cooling and heating media enormously.

The KARL SCHNELL mixer range in its diversity and flexibility is the first choice for the production of industrial made food in premium quality.

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