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Cutting System FD

Maximum flexibility in emulsifying!

Cutting System FD

Maximum flexibility in emulsifying!

The Cutting System – basis for best product quality

For more than 70 years KARL SCHNELL has been the pioneer in emulsifying technology.

From the use in craft workshops or in the R&D sector to fully automated processing lines with hourly capacities up to 25 tons – we offer sophisticated cutting systems.

The application range extends from a simple single-stage cutting set with a hole plate and a knife head, over standard systems in 2 or 3stage knife-hole plate combination up to high end systems, which are available in combination with the stator-rotor-principle (CUTFIX) or rotating hole plates (RotaPlate).

The cutting set variants can be combined with each other and thus provide the user always the perfect solution, based on its respective product.

Fundamental in the design of the KS Cutting System is always a knife-hole plate stage at the beginning of the emulsification process. This ensures a continuous suction effect even with high-viscosity products in the low-temperature range.

The variety of bore sizes at the Knife-hole plate and RotaPlate systems allows optimum results at all degrees of fineness.

Due to the design, the RotaPlate cutting stage achieves virtually wear-free emulsification with the highest fineness.

CUTFIX realizes the diverse degrees of fineness with different blade clearance. Unlike conventional rotor-stator systems, the KS CUTFIX cutting set allows the particle size to be defined economically and according to requirements by exchangeable knife blades.

Due to different sizes, the systems can be used in all KS Emulsifiers.

Advantages of KS Cutting Systems are unparalleled flexibility in various applications, with low temperature input and extremely short emulsification times.
They are characterized by a long service life at low production costs.

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